Meet Jr.

Tacker scan 2

This is the best photo I never took!

Meet Woodhouse Jr. eta August 2013.

Seeing the pics at the scan this morning was AWEsome. Jr. is perfect from their head to its tiny liltte toes. I can`t wait to meet him/her, and lets just say they will be an on-going photographic project for many years to come. Whether they like it or not!

I`m super excited and rather nervous all at the same time. Will we cope, be good role models, etc, etc. I do know that I`ll do my very best at it and am really looking forward to being a proud Daddy. And if I can do 1/2 as good a job as my parents did then I should be ok.  Thanks mum and dad!

Finally mega props to my beautiful, super baby cooking, abs of steel wife Cherie. She has been amazing during the pregancy so far, taking it all in her stride and is going to be the best mum to Jr.

I love you both lots, always and forever.

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