The Silence of the Slams

My latest venture in Roller Derby photography was a few weeks back now at the 1st SW:UK bout of the year entitled `Silence of the Slams`
Held way down west in Penzance the bout was a double header featuring teams from S.W.A.T. vs Grin N Barum (Devon) and Atlantic Breakers (Cornwall) vs Severn Roller Torrent. The SW:UK bout series see`s all four teams playing each other to qualify for the play-offs, and then a final grudge match verse the winner of the other SW:UK mini league. These two bouts didn`t disappoint! I can`t remember the scores but both S.W.A.T and Atlantic Breakers won their respective bouts. Sweet.
I took a shed load of pics, all of which can also be seen on my Facebook site, but I`m just posting my black & white favs here on the blog.
I hope you like the images and see you next bout in the suicide seats!

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