Wheal Coates: along the Cornish cliffs

These were taken a little while back now but are part of my ever on-going mining heritage project. The idea being to photograph and document the mining ruins and buildings of west Cornwall, of which there are many. This will form a record of the sites around the county as over the years they begin, or continue, to crumble as nature reclaims them.
This collection of photos is from a well photographed mining site near Chapel Porth, St. Agnes. It`s called Wheal Coates and the main photo is of the Towanrowan shaft engine house perched on the cliff edge.
It was a lovely sunny day on our trek here and the skies were a deep blue, a picnic was eaten and a good time was had. I hope to gather more for my project over this summer so stay tuned for more photos.

My previous mine heritage photos can be viewed here.

3 thoughts on “Wheal Coates: along the Cornish cliffs

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