The Great Flat Lode

I took these photos a while back now but they haven`t been posted as they were processed the old school way, in the darkroom.
They were all taken whilst hiking on a path called the Great Flat Lode near Camborne, west Cornwall. The hike is littered with mines and mining relics, especially at the King Edward mine museum near Troon.
Until now they have sat in my locker awaiting me to scan the negs into Photoshop and have a play.
I finally got round to this today and thought I`d post the results.
They were taken on my Pentax K1000 film camera using 35mm black and white film stock, then processed in Photoshop. The results of the negatives aren`t what I`d call `great` but I do like the look and feel of them considering the subject matter of my mining heritage project. I`ve not messed with the images apart to adjust exposure and crop them. the dust and poor developing I think adds to the vintage feel.
Hope you like!

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